Polstead WI Meeting April 2017

Polstead WI spent an excellent evening listening to Mr Graham Higgins who was a Magistrate and gave a very interesting talk titled “Tales from the Bench”.  Mr Wiggins initially informed the Polstead Members that back in the late 1880’s Polstead was a sadly ill fated neighbourhood with four murders having been committed, the criminals, at that time, were either transported or hung!!  Magistrates are normally local people from the community and they sit with two other Magistrates, and a legal adviser such as a solicitor.  King Edward 111 wanted worthy men of the County to be appointed, so Magistrates were first formed back in 1361. 

We also welcomed to our evening, Mrs Julie Higgins, the new Chairman.  We enjoyed her company.  We discussed our forthcoming coffee morning on Wednesday 26th April from 10.00am to 1.00pm where we would also have various stalls selling books, jewellery, haberdashery, and are looking forward to welcoming WI ladies from other Groups. 

Please contact Carmel Evans on 01787 210865  email for more information

By Polstead on April 5th, 2017