Polstead Community Shop

Apologises For Any Inconvenience

Polstead Community Shop - your shop - is approaching its 32nd birthday and has recently started on a programme of refurbishment. The Management Board is doing its best to arrange for all the work to be done with minimum inconvenience to our customers or interruption to business.

You may have already noticed some work going on. The Shop Store has been insulated, lined and painted inside, this work having been carried out by a combination of builders and volunteers. The outer fence and gate have been removed and the outside walls of the Store will be painted to match the Shop, improving the visual impact on the environment. As you know, the Shop is essentially non-profit making. However, a small accumulation of funds over the thirty-two years has enabled the work so far to be paid for by the Shop itself, while still keeping a working balance to cover running costs and emergencies.

Some walls in the Shop have been demolished, so creating more floor space. The whole of the interior will now need redecorating. Also, some of our units and shelving need to be replaced, as do some of the chillers and freezers. The extent of our spending on this part of our refurbishment depends on the outcome of various grant applications and donations.

This part of our plan could take some time to complete, so we hope you will all be patient while these changes are underway. In the meantime, business continues as usual. Please feel free to come and see how we are getting along.

Contact: Secretary Mike Constance 01787 211302   email

By Polstead on April 5th, 2016