I realise it is always hard to fully secure allotment sheds, because of the nature of their structure. However, one device I strongly recommend to assist allotment shed owners is a security device called the cube; it is a police secure by design approved product that does not need a Wi-Fi signal, as it works on the old 2G network. It is powered by three 1.5volt AA batteries and is a small grey cube shape, I also attach some details of the product and here it is shown below.

It is ideal for within allotment sheds, as it will only activate on movement, i.e. when the shed has been opened and once open it immediately sends a signal to say movement has been detected and then a few seconds later it sends a picture showing what the movement is.  If the devices are stolen, they have an internal clock that can be activated to start what is called a heartbeat, so that the device will wake up and then be able to be tracked by GPS signal.

Again the device can be programmed to only activate at certain times, to stop false activations, when the lawful allotment owner visits the sheds and to preserve battery life.

I have trialled it on a number of occasions and can really recommend this product, as I say it is police approved through the police’s national Secure By Design website, which you can access through the following link: CCTV

Or their site is here: uwatch.co.uk

Other measures include good locks - we recommend closed shackle padlocks as shown below, as they are harder to attack because very little of the shackle is showing between the extended padlock body on either side.

It is also good to have a bar across the shed, I am sure a few people will already have these.


Another important tip I use, is to reinforce the outer locking hasps by placing a small piece of metal on the inside, where holes are drilled to match the outside hasp and then I put a good nut an bolt, or coach bolt or non-tamper screw through to the other side, so If someone comes along to try to jemmy or force off the hasp, it will remain intact as it is protected from the inside.  Again with wooden structures there are so many ways to attack it, again depending on how far you want to go with regard to extra security, the insides could be lined with Ex-Mesh, (shown below) or even Securilath metal sheeting.

A brochure on the types of expanded metal which could be used inside the shed or outbuilding

Within the allotment shed you can put a secure anchor post, that you could then chain and lock important equipment around, another device is a stay safe, that is again police approved and the idea is that it screws into the side of the wall and has an eye let where a chain can be placed through it to chain and lock items securely as shown below.

  For more information on this product you can use the following link: security for bikes

(it's not just for bikes, it is for anything from lawnmowers to garden implements, tools etc.

I hope these brief bits of information are of assistance, if I can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes PHIL

Design Out Crime Officer Phil Kemp on 101

Suffolk Police Allotment Crime Advice

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